New Captains
Visual Design | Interaction Design


Update: New Captains wants a stand alone website for their animation devision, so they asked me to design that as well ;)

New Captains is a new film production company with big ambitions. They contacted me to make the Visual Design for their website. I made the design for the entire site and gave them constructive advice of what would and wouldn't work in terms of design and interaction.

Before starting designing the screens I made a competitors analysis and did research on New Captains herself. Working that way creates a clear vision for the visual direction. After the research I started with wireframing, it's important to create structure and hierarchy at this stage so that in the design stage the focus will lay on the design itself.

The client wanted a strong recognizable font. I chose Gotham Bold and Black for the head, subhead and subtitle because the font-size of these elements allowed such thick font. But when using Gotham for a smaller body text I realized the legibility of the individual characters became less distinct. So for the body text I chose Raleway Regular, easy to read when it's smaller but it still manages to have a personality. Just look at those W and Q's.

To give the site a complete custom made feeling I made some illustrations. When creating the illustrations I sparred with New Captains to discuss what kind of illustrations we should use for what purpose. Because the color of New Captains is orange all of the Illustrations have a hint of this color. The Illustrations with the red color are newer illustrations for their Animation Captains website.